Shrink the Waste Train Campaign in West London

As part of our  Rubbish Diet work with West London Waste Authority, we created a campaign to draw attention to the scale of waste, with a reach of  250,000 in newsletters and on social media.

The campaign and linked video motivated people to change their behaviour.  As Anthony from Harrow explained,  his girlfriend who had taken the Rubbish Diet showed him the video and he was motivated to tell all his friends to help shrink the train. “I was shocked at how much was on that waste train. I thought it’s easy enough to recycle so I should be doing it. I just told my friends and people I knew about the waste train when I saw them and I emailed people.”

Rubbish Diet is a Finalist in BiB Awards!

The Rubbish Diet  team are delighted to have been shortlisted for a BritMum’s Brilliance in Blogging Award!  What with Karen’s TEDX talk and feature on the Guardian’s Live Better Blog,  its great to be getting the word out.

If you’re a community group or a local authority and you want to create slim bins near you,  just  visit our site or just get in touch with Katy at